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Selected Press for Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

  • “Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is an addictive experience that will steal hours of your gaming time without you even noticing”
    Alex Carlson, hardcoregamer.com Read more
  • “You'd be silly not to check this game out, especially if you enjoy word games.”
    Shaun Musgrave, toucharcade.com Read more
  • “It’s fast, easy to play, and all of the unlockables and challenges mean it’ll offer some quick, fun brain exercise for hours on end”
    Joel Couture, indiegamemag.com Read more
  • “Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey is this week’s iOS Game of the Week, and it’s a fun one.”
    Rob LeFebvre, cultofmac.com Read more
  • “It’s a cool, relatively stress-free take on word games, and anyone who likes pushing letter tiles around should check it out.”
    Evan Killham, cultofmac.com Read more
  • “Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey is a blast to play.”
    Jennifer Allen, 148Apps Read more
  • “If you’re a fan of word adventure type games, then this is a perfect addition to your collection this weekend.”
    Christine Chan, appadvice.com Read more
  • “there’s more than enough here to pack in several hours of family-friendly fun”
    Chaz Miller, twinfinite.net Read more
  • “Finally a word game that ranks up with the likes of LetterPress and Puzzlejuice.”
    Joachim Klaeschen, stromstock.de Read more
  • “This is easily the best free-to-play game I’ve played since Jetpack Joyride.”
    Fade to Slack, deltaattack.com Read more
  • “If you’re a fan of fun and fresh genre mashups such as Puzzle Quest, then you’ll want to enroll in this word-based side-scrolling RPG.”
    Casey Tschida, appadvice.com Read more
  • “From Bacon Bandit Games comes a charming new word game”
    Kimberly, jayisgames.com Read more
  • “I can’t help but wholeheartedly recommend Letter Quest to any and everyone.”
    Nardio, nardio.net Read more
  • “I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing a word game.”
    Colin, appstorearcade.com Read more
  • “Create words to vanquish foes in Spell Quest.”
    @AppStore, twitter.com Read more
  • “In a world where the average app is uninstalled 15 minutes after it is downloaded – Spell Quest is going to be installed on my devices for a long time.”
    Shane R. Monroe, Green Robot Gamer Read more
  • “If you like word games and you like damaging scary monsters, you’ll love Spell Quest: Grimm’s Journey.”
    Newsdesk, apple4ladies.com Read more
  • “Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey is fun, challenging, and charming”
    gamerstemple.com Read more
  • “It’s a casual game with no timers and like ‘Threes!’ workaholics will probably feel a bit better when procrastinating as you’re actually multitasking by learning at the same time.”
    Jamie84303, sentralgamer.com Read more
  • “You’re sure to find yourself immensely enjoying yourself for a good length of time.”
    Adeline Gear, androidshock.com Read more
  • “This game is fantastic.”
    Michael McConnell, macgasm.net Read more
  • “Polished, addictive and packed to the brim with content”
    GAMERamble, gameramble.com Read more
  • “Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is the game to get”
    Vincent Paone, dadsgamingaddiction.com Read more
  • “It is addictive and nearly impossible to put down”
    Michael Klein, theonlineclarion.com Read more
  • “I highly recommend it”
    alchemistadelyn, calleroviasunsong.wordpress.com Read more
  • “The game is very well-rounded and extremely addicting”
    WeiseGamer, thedailychill.co.uk Read more
  • “tried Letter Quest yesterday & got hooked”
    Krazy Khan, gospvg.blogspot.ca Read more
  • “a fantastic game”
    @Cokamouse, estugame.com Read more
  • “play the Web Demo (I tried this out and it was a lot of fun)”
    indiegamenews.com Read more
  • “my fiancee has been playing it most weekends instead of Candy Crush”
    The Gav of War, mygameslounge.com Read more
  • “Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey..has you slaying monsters left and right”
    Mark, siliconera.com Read more
  • “It’s just an utter delight and it can’t be recommended highly enough.”
    James Meldrum, brashgames.co.uk Read more
  • “join the hauntingly beautiful scrabble pursuit”
    Capsule Computers, capsulecomputers.com.au Read more
  • “incredibly polished with crystal clear graphics and fun, upbeat music”
    Fox Rambles, ramblingfoxreviews.blogspot.ca Read more
  • “Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is definitely a very good word game”
    @cokamouse, gamepalaceonline.com Read more
  • “it's one of those games that you don't want to put down”
    TheDigitalGamer, thedigitalgamer.com Read more
  • “Letter Quest is an awesome word game with roleplaying elements and a ton of nerd humor that I know you’re going to love”
    Fade to Slack, deltaattack.com Read more
  • “Brilliant game”
    Jim Smale, gertlushgaming.co.uk Read more
  • “Intelligent, smart, beautiful”
    Skywilly, gamesidestory.com Read more
  • “Letter Quest is both fun and a total steal”
    Noah Clavijo, thisisanothercastle.com Read more
  • “I've played quite a bit of it...it's pretty nifty”
    Ruen, riftjumper.com Read more
  • “an excellently designed puzzle game”
    Shaun Meyers, universalgamingreviews.com Read more
  • “a fun game and a good way to encourage quick thinking and expand vocabulary”
    Sstavix, christcenteredgamer.com Read more
  • “fun and exceedingly adorable”
    Rebecca Armstrong, macsources.com Read more
  • “an entertaining spin on the word game genre with an excellent soundtrack”
    Cody Scaggs, thatvideogameblog.com Read more
  • “a cheery, turn-based RPG that revolves around words”
    Dave Gwynne, metalarcade.net Read more